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FROM: Het Belang van Limburg, 14 June 2016

Female AC/DC tribute band BACK:N:BLACK comes to Hookrock in Diepenbeek

Guitarist BB (left) BACK:N:BLACK “If Axl Rose claims to be an AC/DC fan, he should stand on their stage with a little more respect.” PHOTO Dangler PHOTOS

DIEPENBEEK - If you weren't keen on AC/DC with Axl Rose, you'll soon have another chance. June 17 BACK:N:BLACK are coming to Hookrock in Diepenbeek. An AC/DC tribute band consisting of only women. Guitar player BB and her four friends are doing so well in this that drummer Phil Rudd has already congratulated them. By: Mark van Luyk

During the week, the five ladies are being good girls in offices or as teachers near the Swiss mountains, but when the weekend comes, they put on their high heels and fishnet stockings to tour Europe with AC/DC's music, still a pretty masculine repertoire. “We started in 2010 with a few friends says BB, but in 2012 I kicked the rest out of the band because they forgot about the essence—which is passion for music. I have been an AC/DC fan since I was a teenager, and even though it may not look it, it's quite a challenge to learn to play all these songs well.” BB has played guitar since childhood. "In school, we were given the choice between art and music. I chose classical guitar, but soon found it wasn't loud enough for me so I went electric!"(Laughs)

There are many ACDC tribute bands. What makes you different?
"Many tribute bands do their best to put down an exact copy of the original. Wearing the same clothes and doing all the same moves, dragging big canons and bells on stage. But no matter how hard you try, you'll never be the original. That's why we do our best to pay homage to the original, but not try to copy them. We play the music as ourselves, as fans, not as replacements.”

Have you ever met AC/DC?
“I have met Angus Young once, but that was before I was in this band. Drummer Phil Rudd has told us he thought we were really good. He found out about us through his daughters who were fans. Brian Johnson's nephew once invited us to a party, so he must have heard about us somehow! A little bird told me Brian heard about our show at Bon Fest in Kirriemuir and wanted to know how we did. He wished us well (“Well, good on them!”) which is great! (Laughs)

A while ago there was an uproar on social media about Axl joining AC/DC…
"I went to the show in Switzerland and had very mixed emotions about it. I was very disappointed about his behaviors on stage. He just walked around as if he didn't really care what he was doing. For someone who claims to be a big fan of the band he could have shown a little more respect."

Does the band have male groupies?
“Nope. Maybe that's something we should work on. Sure, I realize that our looks help in making some guys enthusiastic for the band. I suppose we do look slightly better than 60 year old men. But as a woman, you need to work twice as hard to prove yourself in a male-dominated rock world. If a guy plays a bad guitar solo, the excuses are usually, ‘Oh, he's had a few drinks too much’ or, ‘Oh, he probably just had a bad day.’ But if a girl does the same, it is ‘because she's a girl’. That's why we are on a double mission with BACK:N:BLACK: fighting sexism in rock music and convincing more girls that they, too, can play.”

Hookrock, Lutselusstraat, Diepenbeek with on Friday, June 17th inter alia BACK:N:BLACK and Justina 'Lee' Brown ft Morblus and on Saturday, June 18th inter alia Boogie Beasts, Eric Sardinas & Big Motor, Big 'Daddy' Wilson and Erja Lyytinen. More names and info on
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Mike Hubrechtnice article and i can read it (it's in my native language)

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BACK:N:BLACK feeling excited at Trillians Newcastle.

One-time only special show! Straight outta Switzerland... and right into the hometown of none other than the REAL singer of AC/DC himself, Brian Johnson! NO ENTRANCE FEE. Get there early, because this one is for rockers only. And from what we hear, Newcastle knows a little about rocking!
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BACK:N:BLACK with Henare Nathan and Joseph Carlucci at Salle des Fêtes de Thônex.


photo: joseph carlucci
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Luis Lopezyou look great, B.B.! I love that smile of triumph and connection with the fans. Boys and girls, here´s the Lady From Hades with lightning in her fingers and Rock N´Roll in her veins, Miss Electricity, with the BAND (with capital letters, yes) that can make nuns dance and devils sing, BACK:N:BLACK

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Jimmy JudyDam I wish she was running off track to me ;)

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Robert Grace

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BACK:N:BLACK with Chris Morley.


photo: Dangler Photos
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Malcolm HaddonBrilliant picture girls. Big salute and lots of love from the UK xx

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Jimmy JudyAnd a huge salute from the USA love the picture

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Chris MorleyBloody Hot Pic !!! Rockin' CooL Too !!! Cheers from Canada 🇨🇦

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Recorded 100% live on stage. We're just 5 girls who dig playing AC/DC more than anything! We aren't AC/DC, and we don't pretend to be. In BACK:N:BLACK, we ju...

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Tour Dates

Live on Fire!

High Voltage Rock N Road!

1 Jul 2016
Züri Fäscht (CH)|MAP

Just announced! Headlining the biggest street party in all of Switzerland!! FREE CONCERT !!!
More info:

2 Jul 2016
Montreux Jazz Festival (CH)|MAP

Just announced! We are honored to play at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival where Queen, David Bowie and countless others have played!
More info:

5 Jul 2016
SwissTech Convention Center (CH)|MAP

Very special event! Please contact Sabina & Cie SA UPSA if you are interested in attending. Facebook:

22 Jul 2016
RiverRooms Stourbridge (UK)|MAP

Join us on our UK tour as we continue to bring the rock to England!
More info:

23 Jul 2016
Trillians Newcastle Special Show (UK)|MAP

One-time only special show! Straight outta Switzerland... and right into the hometown of none other than the REAL singer of AC/DC himself, Brian Johnson! And yes, we're tired of the businessman trying to get rich on your backs, so this one we're doing for NO ENTRANCE FEE. Get there early, because this one is for rockers only. And from what we hear, Newcastle knows a little about rocking! --------------- Join us on Facebook! /

5 Aug 2016
Rock on! Gossau w Bonfire (CH)|MAP

Back at home at last! Join us for an awesome night with the original Ladies from Hades from Switzerland! You want blood? You've got it! Don't miss Bonfire from Germany!
More info:

27 Aug 2016
Festival Plein 'Air (FR)|MAP

French eat Frogs and we eat French!!
More info coming soon! Festival Plein Air à Béthancourt

1 Oct 2016
BikeToberfest Geneva (CH)|MAP

Bikes, beer, chicks, AC/DC! More details coming soon!

14 Oct 2016
Mr. Pickwick's, Geneva (CH)|MAP

Back in the saddle again! Come get bloody with us!
More info:

15 Oct 2016
16 Dec 2016
Red Xmas at Big Red, London (UK)|MAP

Join us as we return to one of our favorite little dive bars to rip up the stage, get the walls quaking and the girls' asses shaking! Up close and personal, so get ready to get bloody! Support to be announced soon!
More info:

17 Dec 2016
Xmas Party at O'Riley's, Hull (UK)|MAP

You asked for it, you got it! Back by popular demand, we're coming back to kick your ass even harder! We're back on the Highway to Hull! More details coming soon! Facebook: /

The Band

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"One of the best bands I have ever seen"

We're just 5 girls who dig playing AC/DC more than anything! We aren't AC/DC, and we don't pretend to be. In BACK:N:BLACK, we just try to bring our own love for AC/DC's music as fans to the stage, show the songs the kind of musical respect they deserve — and put on a show we'd like to go see! We started out in 2010 and are based in Switzerland.

Download our EPK, check out our fancy press and venue kit, or watch some live videos, but it is much better to come to a show!


  • 2016 Festival and club tours confirmed for Europe, UK, Israel, Caribbean
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  • 2014 Bon Fest (Scotland-sold out), Fêtes de Genève (Largest Swiss French street Fest)
  • 2013 Montreux Jazz Fest (sold out); Züri Fäscht (Largest Swiss German street Fest, 1M)
  • 2012 Rock Oz'Arènes w/ ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Iggy & Stooges, Gotthard (Crowd: ~6,000)
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2041 Verbier Bike Fest (Crowd: ~5,000)
  • 2010, 2011 German Festival Rock Am Bach (Crowd: ~6,000)


"I like your band. Your drummer is great."—Phil Rudd, Drummer AC/DC

"Great band, very professional and well worth a look.
If you like AC/DC you'll love these girls. :)"
—Jackie 'JAX' Chambers, Girlschool

"Well done. I'm impressed.
Great show at Bonfest 2016!"
—Tony Currenti, Former Drummer, AC/DC

"Amazing stage presence and high energy riffs"—BonFest 2014, Scotland

"...converted my girlfriend to liking AC/DC. Thank You!"—The AC/DC Family

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