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High Voltage Rock N Road!

30 Jan 2016
Thônex FdF + CardiaC + Worry Blast (CH)|MAP

On April 13 1977, AC/DC played near Geneva, Switzerland at a hall called Salle des Fêtes de Thônex. It was their "Let There Be Rock Tour". BACK:N:BLACK is honored to play the same stage. Special guests CardiaC (played w/ Sepultura & Crucified Barbara) and Worry Blast (opened for Scorpions). DO NOT MISS THIS ONE !!! For more information:

11 Feb 2016
12 Feb 2016
Beat Club Haifa (Israel)|MAP

First time ever in Israel!
More details coming soon!

26 Feb 2016
Zoe Live, Geneva (CH)|MAP

Back by popular demand in Geneva! Come party with us at Zoe Live in Geneva, the only place where you can actually get on stage and rock out with the band!
More info

25 Mar 2016
The Iron Road Evesham (UK)|MAP

Back for more Evesham! We are looking forward to seeing you again! Get there early if you want to get in!
More info:

26 Mar 2016
Live in Hull (UK)|MAP

TICKETS: £10 advance / £12 door Available from venue, Disc Discovery, Spring Bank Paypal accepted to with free delivery For more info: Steve 07790082192 TROG BAR TRIBUTE BAND NIGHT Special guest: Sordid Lies - Hard Rock/Sleaze/Glam/Hair Metal
More Info:

8 Apr 2016
Das Greif (DE)|MAP

Germany we're coming to get you!!! The Ladies from Hades are back for another round! Tickets going on sale soon, so get yours early! Support to be announced.
More info:

9 Apr 2016
Festival Rockatoc, Russey (FR)|MAP

The French eat Frog... and we eat the French! Let There be Rock!! BACK:N:BLACK Les Fatals PIcards Lybellula Red NIght 20€ advance / 25€ at the door
More info:

29 Apr 2016
BonFest 2016 Scotland!|MAP

Back by popular demand! We are honored to play Bon Scott's hometown of Kirriemur! Pick up your balls and load up your cannons because this one is going to be HOT!!!
More info:

20 May 2016
Up Close in Geneva (CH)|MAP

Back on our home turf to make head roll. Up close and personal! Come get bloody with us! TICKETS: At the door only. Get there early!
More info:

21 May 2016
Rocknight Glattfelden (CH)|MAP

We are proud to help raise money for a very special cause. Join us for a wild night of rock 'n' roll, metal, beer and of course the girls who play AC/DC, BACK:N:BLACK! Special guest: Deep Sun (symphonic metal, Switzerland).
More details coming soon!

11 Jun 2016
17 Jun 2016
5 Jul 2016
22 Jul 2016
2 Aug 2016
Brutal Fest Tour (Cuba)|MAP

The Chicks are going South!!! Join us for two solid weeks of solid AC/DC, Chicks, Rock N Roll and... CUBA !! YEAH !!! Dates to be announced!
More info:

27 Aug 2016
Festival Plein 'Air (FR)|MAP

French eat Frogs and we eat French!!
More info coming soon! Festival Plein Air à Béthancourt

1 Oct 2016
BikeToberfest Geneva (CH)|MAP

Bikes, beer, chicks, AC/DC! More details coming soon!

14 Oct 2016
Mr. Pickwick's, Geneva (CH)|MAP

Back in the saddle again! Come get bloody with us!
More info:

10 Dec 2016

Join us as we return to one of our favorite little dive bars to rip up the stage, get the walls quaking and the girls' asses shaking! Up close and personal, so get ready to get bloody! Support to be announced soon!
More info:

The Band

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"One of the best bands I have ever seen"

We're just 5 girls who dig playing AC/DC more than anything! We aren't AC/DC, and we don't pretend to be. In BACK:N:BLACK, we just try to bring our own love for AC/DC's music as fans to the stage, show the songs the kind of musical respect they deserve — and put on a show we'd like to go see! We started out in 2010 and are based in Switzerland.

You can get our fancy promo text from our press kit, but it is much better to come to a show or watch some live videos!


  • 2016 Festival and club tours confirmed for Europe, UK, Israel, Caribbean
  • 2015 Tours in Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, Liechtenstein, Italy (~6,000+)
  • 2014 Bon Fest (Scotland-sold out), Fêtes de Genève (Largest Swiss French street Fest)
  • 2013 Montreux Jazz Fest (sold out); Züri Fäscht (Largest Swiss German street Fest, 1M)
  • 2012 Rock Oz'Arènes w/ ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Iggy & Stooges, Gotthard (Crowd: ~6,000)
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2041 Verbier Bike Fest (Crowd: ~5,000)
  • 2010, 2011 German Festival Rock Am Bach (Crowd: ~6,000)

"I like your band. Your drummer is great."—Phil Rudd, Drummer AC/DC

"Great band, very professional and well worth a look.
If you like AC/DC you'll love these girls. :)"
—Jackie 'JAX' Chambers, Girlschool

"Amazing stage presence and high energy riffs"—BonFest 2014, Scotland

"...converted my girlfriend to liking AC/DC. Thank You!"—The AC/DC Family

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The AC/DC Logo, names and all songs are © Sony BMG Music. All songs by Angus Young, Malcolm Young & Bon Scott & Brian Johnson.

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Booking & Pro

Booking and Press inquiries:

Burrito Bookers
Tel: +41 76 325 1697 (Switzerland)

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